Irvine’s IBT1101 is a beautiful, portable Bluetooth Speaker that easily fits the palm of your hands. Enjoy ultimate auditory experience with Industry’s leading technology. With Bluetooth V3.0 and a fast data transmission under 2.4GISM frequency, we bring to you the ultimate auditory experience. Its linear barrier-free transmission distance is around 10 meters.

Also enjoy Hands Fee calling with your Bluetooth device.With a sound quality so pure and a low distortion rate, the IBT1101 is suitable for Laptops & other portable devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets etcetera.


Irvine brings to you a unique product with multiple features to help you get on with your daily work. The Irvine Mifi-Router is a multi featured device which includes a GSM Slim Slot, a LAN to WiFi system, Micro SD Card support & a 5,200mAh Power Bank. The M1401 is sleek & stylish in design, it occupies very little desk space and is extremely user friendly. The MiFi works at a distance of 10m (30 ft) and will provide internet or network access to any WiFi-enabled peripheral device.


Irvine’s Memory Modules offer unparalleled stability and synchronized performance. These high density & high performance Modules consume less Power & generate less heat than the standard Memory Modules in the Market. These compact Memory Modules offer an excellent level of compatibility and strength that far dominates the competition. They are suitable for use in Notebooks of virtually every brand & type.

These are fully tested which means they go through rigorous testing in extreme environments. These Modules are offered at an attractive price which makes them the preferred upgrade memory choice of distributors & computer retailers.


The Irvine Ultra-Slim Portable DVD Drive is an affordable, portable DVD writer. This external DVD writer is the ideal companion for a laptop or Notebook. As a high quality alternative to laptop manufacturers expensive options, this device is ultra-slim and sleek with a high gloss finish. The Irvine Portable DVD Drive is powered by your laptops USB port, so no AC adapter is necessary.


Irvine has a broad range of Handheld Scanners for every application and is highly dependable. Irvine offers both Laser and Linear Barcode Scanner for general as well as high-density scanning purpose. These Barcode Scanners are designed for reading essentially all linear & 2D barcodes.

It helps reduce data entry errors and boost productivity in daily operations. With these fast & accurate scanners, you can capture the data that is most relevant. With such mobility at your fingertips, you can maximize efficiency across your enterprise.


Irvine Power Bank is a line of portable external batteries designed for Mobile phone batteries. High capacity power and compact designs make these batteries a reliable power companion on the go. With affordable prices and great customer service, never get stranded without power again. These high capacity universal batteries are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand,yet provide 2200mAh, 5600mAh, 10000mAh & 13000mAh of power with upto 2A USB Output; ideal for long flights and business trips.Works with multiple electronic products, including mobile phones, smartphones , MP3 players, Tablets and more..